From Surfing to Snowboarding

A little more about myself – I grew up in Florida near the East Coast. I have always been very active and I am constantly trying new things. I love the ocean, and my family and I used to go to the beach almost every weekend. I started out boogie boarding and skim boarding. From the shore, I used to watch other surfers paddle out and when the right swells came, they rode the waves in. It just looked so much fun. I knew I had to try surfing. When I was 13 years old, I saved up enough money to buy my first surfboard. It was used and only cost $100, and I couldn’t wait to be the surfer waiting in the lineup for the perfect wave and then paddling my heart out to catch it, and finally feeling that rush as I ride it in. The more I surfed, the more I realized that to me, surfing was not just about riding the waves. It’s so much more than that. It’s a skill that takes lots of practice. It’s falling and learning to get back up, no matter how much water goes up your nose. When you are out there, sitting on your board, floating in the water, waiting for the right wave, it’s so peaceful. It’s like the world stops, and all your worries and fears disappear. It’s just you, your board, and the vast ocean surrounding you. It’s so serene and makes you appreciate how massive and powerful the ocean really is.

sunset beach woman water
Photo by Bradley Hook on

A few years later, my family and I left the sunny beaches of Florida and headed to the cold mountains of New Hampshire. I moved to New Hampshire my senior year of high school and I knew I needed to find something else to stay active. So naturally, I discovered a winter activity similar to surfing…snowboarding! My first winter in New Hampshire I bought (or I should say my parents bought me) a new snowboard, and all the gear I needed. I had no clue what I was doing, except for what I had seen in the movies. It didn’t look so hard… or so I thought. I went with some friends from my new school who had been snowboarding their entire lives. I was ready and determined to learn this sport and to keep up with them. Eventually I accomplished this goal, and I am so glad I did because snowboarding is now one of my favorite things to do. I will tell you all about learning how to snowboard in a future post.

After moving to New Hampshire, I purchased a wetsuit so I could continue to surf. However, I don’t surf nearly as much as I’d like to due to the long haul to the ocean. A couple years ago, I had heard about standup paddleboarding and thought it would be a good alternative to surfing. I invested in a SUP and ever since, I try to do it as often as possible during the spring, summer and fall. I go to the lakes and rivers near my house, and I can even bring it with me to the ocean for those days when the waves are small. I absolutely love to SUP and recommend it for everyone. It’s a great workout and it’s so peaceful.

I could list a million reasons why I love all things boarding, but these are just a few. Boarding is a part of who I am. It’s helped shape me into who I have become, and it gives me passion and determination to continue to better myself. It gives me goals to work towards and something to look forward to during those long work days. It’s an escape from the reality of this stressful and hectic life.


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